classroom expansion project

:::leaving room here for newer updates! stay tuned!:::

4/10/11 — the pictures below are pictures taken after the first couple of days of renovations. lots of chipping off paint, removing old cement and dust, dust, dust!

my host dad badri scraping paint off the walls. this paint was old and applied on really, really thick

my counterpart margo scraping off some ancient cement

old soviet wooden signs that had been hanging in the classroom

FINALLY! all the old paint is off! plus, my counterpart's husband, irakli

classroom expansion project: video 2

3/27/11 — the following pictures are pictures taken before any sort of work was done.

the classroom before starting any work

the window side of the classroom with brickwork collapsing

big holes in the floor against the walls

big amount of the wall cement that is falling out

classroom expansion project: video 1


One response to “classroom expansion project”

  1. Ginger Jefferies says :

    Kaitlin: Great video. It was good to hear your voice. Good Luck!!

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