some photos


the sunrise in the village


putting together the gingerbread house my parents sent for christmas – with my counterpart and her daughter


badri putting together the tabletop christmas tree




staying cozy by the fire – with the cat


grade 1 – they’re cute, but it’s deceiving


the cat being his adorable self




About kjschaefer

peace corps volunteer in the republic of georgia.

8 responses to “some photos”

  1. Ginger Jefferies says :

    Loved the pictures and your blog. I know it will be hard for you to leave your host family. You are amazing!! Good Luck with your furture plans. Please keep me posted on what you are doing.
    Regards, Ginger Jefferies

    • k. schaefer says :

      i’m glad you enjoyed the posts! i will most definitely keep you updated on what’s next. as for now it looks like i’ll be moving back in with mom and dad. almost 26 and still living at home….sad. but i’m applying to jobs and i’ll probably apply to grad school in the fall. hope you guys are doing well! thanks for coming along on the adventure!

      • Ginger Jefferies says :

        Thanks for the reply. I love the picture of you with the cat. Good Luck with your move back home. Your parents will enjoy having you home for awhile until you find a job, etc.

      • k. schaefer says :

        part of me wants that “awhile” to take a really long time. the other part is screaming “i need to get on with my life”. ugh, growing up is hard…especially in a bad economy!

  2. Sue Podsiadlik says :

    Super pix, Kaitlin! You have captured so much of your heart for the land and the people of Georgia in them, and in your posts. I second the sentiments of Ginger: you are amazing!! God bless you and keep you! Sue

    • k. schaefer says :

      thank you so much for the kind words! it’s great to know that people are as excited about my experiences as i (most of the time) am. thanks for coming along on the adventure!

  3. colleen hastings says :

    Love your pictures! It’s funny that you said the kids were cute but deceiving,that’s pretty much what all parents have said about our own kids at one time or another.Thanks for the pictures!!

    • k. schaefer says :

      yeah, those kids are something! i’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. i need to do a better job of updating with photos on here and facebook (i haven’t added new photos on facebook in a year and a half!). thanks for coming along for the adventure!

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