oh my! is it 2012 already?

you know what that means?! i’m 5 1/2 months from finishing up my 2 years in the peace corps. however, that also means it’s time to stop fooling around and get on with ADULT LIFE. that, in itself, is daunting enough.

luckily, the world did not end on the stroke of midnight, january 1, 2012. that means it either a) will not end (until the zombie apocalypse or we all drown from the ice caps melting. whatever comes first, i guess)  or b) will end later in 2012. all i hope is that i am not in georgia when it happens. take note of that end of the world gods. i’d like to be in the dollar aisle at target or in the neiman marcus shoe department. just fyi.

i had quite the merry (american) christmas! i went over to volunteer lacey’s apartment  and myself and some other volunteers made christmas dinner. complete with stuffing/dressing, turkey (i’ve never pined more for a good ol’ butterball), pumpkin bread, mashed potatoes and rice krispie squares. yum! we watched christmas movies and all slept in lacey’s living room because it’s the warmest room in her apartment. my belly has never felt so happy.

i celebrated new years in the village, fire works and sparkling wine and all. then it was bedtime at 12:01 am. i’m a barrel of fun. oh, lest i forget. julio iglesias in concert on tv. BARREL OF WEIRD!

i spent georgian christmas (today) sending out resumes and cover letters!

next week i leave for 4 days in istanbul, turkey. i’m hoping for good weather, good food and cheap enough gin & tonics. then it’s a week and a half in the u.s. at the end of february. then it’s our close of service conference for 2 days in march. then it’s easter break in april. then school is over in june. then AMERICA!

that’s it for updates. honestly, it’s been a very, very lazy winter vacation. still no snow and the temperatures have been springtime-worthy. i have a lot on my to-do list that needs to be tackled before school starts again on january 20 (yes, that is a friday. am i going to school on that day? no. because it’s dumb to start back to school on a friday).

merry (extra belated) christmas and best wishes for 2012!


new year’s resolution: get through the next 5 1/2 months with a positive attitude (and my sanity in tact). ready. go!


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About kjschaefer

peace corps volunteer in the republic of georgia.

2 responses to “oh my! is it 2012 already?”

  1. Ginger Jefferies says :

    It is so good to get your blog. Hope you have a great trip to Turkey!!

    • michelle mayoka says :

      The way time seems to be flying, the next few months will be gone in a nanosecond. Hang in there like a sleeping tiger in a tree ( I seriously have such a picture) and you will be home before you know it. GOOD LUCK THOUGH WITH THE JOB HUNT!!

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