i just couldn’t resist!

my counterpart's 1 year old with the gap teddy my parents brought for her from america

volunteer erin and volunteer conor "balomde" (basically, chug) at my birthday supra

and....introducing....THE WASHING MACHINE!

i totally left out the fact that we have a brand-spanking new washing machine. that might have been the best part of summer…sorry parental unit. clean clothes > 1 week visit with the best parents ever. haha!

and, the header image is a view on my walk to school. and the hill i have to ascend and descend every day.  i think this was taken in mid-september.

have a happy and safe (and sweet!) halloween! i’ll be trick-or-treating with classes thursday and friday of this week and then the rest of the classes on monday. the 4th graders seemed to enjoy it last year, so we’ll see how this year goes. we also carved jack-o-lanterns in english club today. the students weren’t all that impressed, but i think they enjoyed watching ‘hocus pocus’?

cheers, guys! and thanks for reading!


About kjschaefer

peace corps volunteer in the republic of georgia.

6 responses to “i just couldn’t resist!”

  1. Ginger Jefferies says :

    That is such a cute picture!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ginger Jefferies says :

    I looked at your post again and noticed the picture of your walk to school. I didn’t see it the first time. I think because I didn’t click on the words. That is a great picture. I love the information about the washing machine. Enjoy Halloween!!

  3. Darryl Poyner says :

    I really like the expression of the 1 year old. Where is the picture of you on your birthday?? That walk looks a lot better than facing traffic in a car. Do you have to wash your shoes of cow dung every day? Great to hear from you.

    • k. schaefer says :

      haha mr. poyner! i have been saying since day one that the time for me to leave this country is when i can tell the difference between pig, cow, dog and horse poop. unfortunately, the rest of my walk (on an unpaved cow thoroughfare) is not pictured. thanks for reading!

  4. Ginger Jefferies says :

    Good to get your reply!! Keep up the good work.

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